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Biden For President 

Jr. Creative for Latinx Media | Aug - Nov 2020

With a historic investment of $125 million on its Latino voter program, the Biden-Harris Latino Paid Media program heavily invested in building a culturally competent program in both English and Spanish. We approached our ads through a micro-targeted lens, which meant that our ads were outside of the box creative that were tailored specifically for our audiences, not just basic translations of the general paid media ads. This meant, we geo-targeted visuals to solidify the messaging as well as ensure that we used 3 different Spanish accents - Mexican, Cuban, and Puerto Rican - depending on our market (internal polling data was also used to fine-tune our messaging, outreach and mobilization). 

Digital & TV Ads

As a Jr. Creative for Latinx Media, I was responsible for assisting in production planning, program tracking, and creative production workflow for the team. I assisted in the digital production process from script (or just a concept) to approvals, QC, and launch - this also included writing copy for video, radio scripts and fundraising static ads. I would consider myself the Director of Latino Paid Media's second hand woman - any and all questions/needs that he didn't have the bandwidth for- I handled.  

A TV/Digital ad usually had an extremely tight deadline of one week from concept to shipping. This meant that we had to create a :30/:60 script - present it to Latino leadership, revise, send through the campaign approvals process, book VO talent, visually source from campaign footage/our visual partners (Getty), direct VO talent, manage editors from rough to the polishing stage, send to sound-mixing, push through the final campaign approvals process, do QC on the finalized assets and make sure the project's asset tracker document was ready for our paid media buyers to ship (we usually had an average of 3-4 TV/Digital ads that we were delivering per week 😅- suffice to say, we didn't get much sleep during the weekends).

my producer timeline for "La Aliada"

Towards the middle of the campaign, I became a Producer for the team and supported our editors, Sr. Producer and the Director of the program  through various points of the creative and production process:

Booked and Directed Voice Talent Remotely 

Jr. Edited 

Sourced Visuals

Sourced Talent

Handled SAG-AFTRA contracts

Managed video-editors

Spanish language QC

Handled :30, :15, and :06 cut-downs of ads

Responsible for the Biden para Presidente 2020 Youtube

Created and QC'd project asset trackers

"La Aliada"


Our goal was to show Kamala's history of being "an ally" to the Latino community and we did it by taking a youthful and inspirational creative approach.  To our surprise, the ad made its debut on Despierta America on the morning of the Vice-Presidential debate!

Launched for TV in all of our battleground markets and digitally on YT and Hulu TV. 

*Had one of the highest performing VCR's during the campaign.

"Unidos con Biden"


One of our final and most impactful GOTV ads where I was determined to bring in the most diverse group of Latinx Biden supporters from all over the country. We took a UGC approach - I sourced these voices from Tik Tok, Twitter, FB communities and IG - to really connect with our audiences and used "Fronteras" by Gaby Moreno to bring it to life.

*It was one of our highest viewed videos on YT and most-shared on social platforms and communities. 

"American Citizens Already"

Producer | Jr. Editor 

Taken from the VP's Hispanic Heritage Month speech in Kissimmee, FL - we really wanted to amplify the message that Puerto Ricans are not second class citizens. 

Launched digitally in PA and FL.

*Had one of the highest performing VCR's during the campaign.

"Pero Ya No"

Associate Producer | Jr. Editor 

1 of 2 videos from our "Rompe con Trump" campaign that we launched post-RNC (the other video is "Decepciones", which used music by Alejandro Fernandez  for our Southwest/Adults 28+ market). Using Bad Bunny's "Pero Ya No" not only showed that we were meeting voters where they were, but it also created organic hype for Joe Biden all over Twitter &  Tik Tok - leading to an uptick on site visits to Joe Biden's Latino Agenda

Launched on TV and digitally in PA and FL.

*It was one of our highest viewed videos on YT (almost 720k) and most-shared on social platforms and communities.

"Keep our country running"

Producer | Jr. Editor

We wanted to hone in and reinforce Biden’s belief of how essential Hispanic workers are to powering our country’s economic growth, especially during the pandemic. I sourced and found impactful moments from the VP's campaign trail to bond his history and support for Latino community throughout his time in public service. 

Launched digitally in Arizona, Florida, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. 

"Nuestro Destino"


Highlighting the strength and resilience of Puerto Ricans, particularly through Trump’s failed response to Hurricane Maria, the ad states that Puerto Ricans are not at the mercy of fate, their future is shaped by their decisions and they have the power to vote for a better tomorrow. I had a great time working on this one because we were able to bring in Puerto Rican talent  Reaktor PostSolid PostProduction to make this project come to life! 

Launched digitally and on TV - airing in Orlando and Tampa.

"Faith and Family"

Producer | Jr. Editor

Taken from the VP's Hispanic Heritage Month speech in Kissimmee, FL - we aimed to show how both the VP and Latino communities guide their daily lives on the values of faith and family. 

Launched digitally in all battleground states.

"La Primera Vez"

Associate Producer

One of our final and most compelling testimonials was centered around Lidia, a first time voter in Phoenix, Arizona who suffered from Trump's promotion of Hydroxychloroquine as a proven treatment for COVID-19 and caused her Lupus to become active. 

The ad launched on TV and digitally  across Arizona. 

Digital Ads 

Each :30/:60 ad had a family of short-form :06 digital bumpers that would run on FB and Youtube in our targeted battleground states. These constantly proved very effective for our Latino outreach because each week they kept out-performing the general paid media :06 bumpers in VCR and kept meeting our voters where they were (I can stand by that - especially when I saw one of them play before a Youtube video my parents were watching in Texas!)

Digital Static Ads

My second biggest role on the team was being the production lead of non-video digital creative assets - namely, the digital static ads that were used throughout the web to engage our Spanish audience and our creative assets for our website takeovers for Mitú, Univision, Telemundo, and El País.

digital static ads in action 

Example of a typical website takeover. We usually did these around big events for the campaign: Post-RNC, Presidential debates, Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations, and on the week of the election.

Our website takeover with Mitú on election day! I was so proud of how these came out, especially since I was able to bring on board, Mariana Lopez Design, a fellow Latina and Texan to create these illustrations for us!


"Corazón de la economía"

Associate Producer

Helped with script-concept, QC and launch. 


This was my first time working on a Presidential campaign and it will forever be the honor of my lifetime to have worked on it. I'm extremely proud that everything that the Latino Paid Media program created was created by Latinos for Latinos - from the sound mixing, post-production, voice talent, special effects, illustrations etc. 

Lastly, I want to give a special shout-out to all the Latinx organizers and organizations that have been on the ground knocking on doors and building up this movement for years that made our win on Nov. 7th possible - Jolt, Mijente, New Florida Majority, Mi Familia Vota, Lucha AZ, Poder Latinx, PoderNC,  Alianza and Voto Latino.

The Latino Paid Media program was spearheaded by our fearless Director, Joel Maysonet.  

Programs and Software used:, Iconik, Dropbox, Adobe CC, Google Office

Vendors and Collaborators: Quiñones ProductionsIllumiret PostBohemian SoundReaktor PostSolid PostProductionMariana Lopez Design