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Neighborhood Goods Social 

At Neighborhood Goods, I was a Content Creator/Strategist. My role was very cross-functional and supported the Social, Marketing, Digital, Creative, and E-Comm team. Content production included: videos, photography, product styling, motion graphics, special projects, and gifs. 

In addition to the above, I worked closely with the Digital team on NG’s paid ads in collaboration with NG's Digital Strategy Agency, Buzzshift

Neighborhood Goods prides itself on being "a new type of department store" - One of my goals as a content creator was challenging how we could stand apart from our competitors on social platforms. I pushed for the incorporation of video in feed, motion graphics, IGTV, and Giphy stickers. Keeping with the brand ethos, we didn't use gifs or memes to connect with our customers, but focused on NG's story and the stories of the brands we carried.

I developed a content strategy to support our 3 locations, as well as a content capture strategy since we didn't have anyone specifically dedicated to content at the store-level. I led the content capture team at the Legacy West location where I worked with a dedicated NG Storyteller on shot-lists, brainstorm sessions, and overall strategy decks. 

 It was rare to incorporate UGC into our content strategy, but I pushed for genuine ways to integrate our customer's engagement into our overall storytelling process. One of the ways I did this was by developing a weekly video series called "Snapshots from the Neighborhood" that we pushed on Twitter, IG Stories, and Linkedin. 

*data above is from Dec. 2019 - March 2020

NG Instagram account grew 4k+ (During this period in the graph our team didn't have a Social Media Manager so the Marketing team and I worked together during this time)

IG Stories 

Special Projects

Below are some of my favorite projects that I worked on during my time at NG.